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June 2002
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Big News From Puppet2Puppet

This week heralds a big surprise at Puppet2puppet Puppet Play Productions.

Drum-roll please!  I'm proud to announce the first MP3 recording of one of our puppet plays.  That's right, an actual sound recording of "Heaven Needs Firemen"!  This special puppet play helps the Christian Children to deal with the events of September 11th.  It is read by the puppet-author, Joel Puppet, and his puppet pal, Tim Puppet.  Listen to it now at

Don't you see?  Isn't it clear as day?  With Christ and Puppets, everything is possible.

Until next week, keep them puppet plays coming, and keep dreaming the big dreams and reaching for the stars, just like Joel Puppet did with his brand new MP3!

In God and Puppets We Trust,

Jim Hill

Puppet2Puppet Puppet Play Productions.

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