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October 2002
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October 2002 Update

Welcome P2P Members and Friends!

I apologize for the lack of a September 11 follow-up email but I've been on the road - traversing this great nation, doing some "Olde Tyme Travelin' Cowboy Puppet Theatre and Jug Band" performances, and generally just practicing my God-given right to "pull the righteous strings" whenever I want!

Did you all survive the National Day of Mourning? I hope so. It's hard for everyone but, God Bless Us, we must remain strong. If not for ourselves, for the little puppet2puppeteers to come. Think of the children! But anyway, I think we all made it through in one piece, right?

I've noticed that Puppet2Puppet has not posted a new play for over a month. Hey, that's all right. Sometimes we all need a good break, huh? TV talk is a wonderful "backroom bargain" when all else fails. But let me reassure you all, I've got my gears a-grindin' and I feel some Holy puppet dust about to blow through this rugged puppet heart o' mine. I'm feelin' "Fnord Tough" and inspired to get back in the play, as it were.

I've also been checking out the Discussion Board... Who is this David BGood? What's his story? Where did he come from and why is he a "moderator"? Should we, as a group, become more involved with the operations of Puppet Resources? Is it time to stretch our puppet arms and see what fun awaits out yonder?

Ah, it's good to be back! Maybe sometime I'll let you all know where I REALLY spent this last month (I'll just say "Stained Glass"... ya follow?). If any othe Puppet2Puppet members have ANY NEWS to report, feel free to pass it around. The Word is only as good as the Volume by which it is repeated.

I hope the upcoming holiday season finds you all in good health and good spirits. I'll talk to you again before the Christmas Spirit overtakes us all!

See you soon, same Puppet Show Time, same Puppet Show Channel.

Jim Hill
Puppet2Puppet Puppet Play Productions

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