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July 2003
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A Puppet2Puppet Triumph!!!

Hi all!

Puppet2Puppet "rocked the house" at the Key Club, Saturday Night July 12, 2003. Many souls were undoubtably reached by the message of "Heaven Needs Firemen." And 57 proffessions and renewals of Faith! A big PUPPET APPLAUSE for our Puppeteers and Christian Children: Joel Puppet, Kim Puppet, Howard Puppet, Puppet Jones, Allyson Puppet, Virgil Puppet, Terry-Ann Puppet, McGriff The Crime Puppet, Lily Puppet, and Johnny Puppet who came all the way from the Mid-West! Wow, talk about commitment. DID YOU KNOW: That Puppet2Puppet has its own MERCHANDISE!

Designed by Mark Puppet, these fine items feature the P2P logo and many comforting messages like "Hand In Puppet, Heart In Christ" and "Heaven Needs Firemen." T-Shirts, Hats, Coffee Cups, Teddy Bears even CLOCKS! You must check this out!

Glory be, and praise His name, we have climbed the puppet mountain!!!

Yours in Puppets,

Jim Hill

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