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June 2002
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JUNE 2002

Calling all Puppets!

Hi all, Marty Puppet here, filling in for Jim Hill.  Jim is off to San Diego with his adoptive son Jim Jr. (Carl), to check out PuppetPalooza there.  They are also going to hit the bazaars and something called a "circuit party."  Sounds like good clean Christian fun.  I'll do my best to fill his considerable shoes while he's gone.

Well, here goes nothing: Three new Puppet2Puppet Puppet Plays this week.  "Best Friends" from Todd Puppet takes some well-known "friends" and shows an episode of their lives.  It runs 20-30 minutes.  Careful, this one is addictive. 

"Hands to Work, Hearts to God" is the first Christian-themed puppet play from our colleague Johnny Puppet.  It's socko!  A must-read sez me!   Huzzah!

And finally, "Up From the Ooze" another from that new Puppet2Puppet Puppet Playwright, Johnny Puppet.  Welcome to the Puppet2Puppet family, Johnny Puppet.  A warning to readers about this Puppet Play.  Read it when you have a loved one handy, or are far away from sharp objects or a working telephone.  This one is gaurenteed to make you fly into a righteous Christian rage.  Good work, Johnny Puppet.

One last note before I retire to my puppet theater to dream up more puppet plays.  It is a wonderful thing to write a puppet play for your own uses, but don't forget the joy of sharing!  When you share with the rest of the membership, everyone gets to join in the fun!

So upload those puppet plays.  I know one P2P member who is eagerly waiting to read them (that'd be me!)  

Yours in Puppets and Christ,

Marty Puppet (subbing for Jim Hill)

Puppet2Puppet Puppet Play Productions

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