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A heartfelt "hey" and a rowdy "howdy!" to our newest P2P chapter at the New Fellowship Church of Christ in the city of Malone. Keep the stage-lights burning, team leader Stella and Pastor Frank!
Acknowledgements and thanks go out to our good friends Rodney and his wife Louise for mentoring the emerging Puppet "auteurs" in the Highland Park UMC congregation.
Continued prayer for our brother in Christ, Joe McCain, whose illness persists.
Tony Hill took Jesus Christ as his Savior.  His brother Jim, and his nephew Jim Jr. (Carl), are so very proud of him.
Our condolances to the family of Charles "Chip" Brooks.  Services were held November 26th at the Lake Avenue Church, located on Lake Avenue in Pasadena.
Congratulations to the members of the ORU basketball team, and their newest freshman member, Wyatt!
A special thank you to Virgil E. Smith who organized our "Get The Passion Out!" campaign!  See ya at the movies, Virgil.

Congratulations to Jim and Dianne on their son, Wilson's, acceptance into Liberty Univ.
Please continue to remember Peter's son in our prayers this week.

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(Taking old discarded puppet stages and giving them a new life!)

Transformed from this....
puppettheater1.jpg THIS!


We look forward to them every year, don't we? (I'm talking especially to our Children's Pastors, but I betcha ya all will get my meaning).

That butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The flower that blooms.

We're on a different schedule then most. Most must wait for Spring for that sort of transformation.

But not us.

We see it every winter, in the midst of the coldest months.

When the little children see their first Christmas through "big boy" and "big girl" eyes!


Talk about your transformations!

Lots of neat new stuff inside for you. Guaranteed to get you in the Holiday Spirit! Some Christmas plays you don't want to miss! Have fun!

(BTW: thanks to the HC Players of CUMC for the pictures! AND all the hard work!)

Jim Hill
Your friend



The children in our congregation were asked recently,
"What is your favorite part of Easter?"

One little child had an interesting answer.
She replied, with all the certainty in the world,
"Why, the Stone Rolling, of course."

We were perplexed. "Stone Rolling?"
Why had we never heard of this?
Had we been remiss in our scriptural reading?
Was this freckled-faced 8-year-old aware of
some aspect of the early Church's traditional
celebration that we had missed?

Of course, with a little gentle prodding,
the answer became clear. The little angel
was referring to the stone being rolled away
from Christ's tomb.

"Because then Jesus is free!"

The lesson in this story is an important reminder
to me, and I hope to all our Children's Pastors,
teachers, volunteers and all of us working in
Children's Ministry during this special holiday.

Let us not forget that sometimes the simplest
message is the best. In the telling of the great
and sad and triumphant tale of Christ's death and
resurrection, it is easy to forget that often,
to a child's mind, it is the plain and simple
images that take root, like the image of a stone
rolling away.

In this spirit, we at Puppet2Puppet wish you all
a Happy Easter, and share with you the joys and
challenges of bringing this important message
to the children that we are blessed to serve.

Please see our "Puppet Plays" section for a
few of our favorite Easter-themed puppet plays.
You're gonna love "The Cage."

Yours in Him,



"Did you hear the one about..."

"Here's a real knee-slapper..."

"Okay, picture this..."

"He is RISEN?"


(Jim Hill's humble thoughts on his personal favorite jolly fellow!)

We all deserve a good laugh now and then.

And Jesus enjoyed a good laugh as well. How do we know? Well, as the children often sing: "...because the Bible tells me so..."

Matthew 19, verse 14: "Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

In 14 years of Puppet Ministry, I've never met a child who would happily embrace (or "come unto") a bully, a meanie, or anyone not with a smiling countenance and kind manner.

But let us all remember His example: there is no room for mean jokes in Heaven.

And the gift of everlasting life is no joke indeed.

Yours in Him,

Rev. Jim Hill

EASTER 2005 MESSAGE: "Yes, He had to die."


Death can be a challenging subject for Children Everywhere.

Whether it's a beloved Grandparent, a favorite school chum taken too soon, or even a favorite pet - a rabbit or a hamster - Let's face it! Death - it's a tough, tough subject for the little ones.

And we who have been fortunate to hear His Calling to minister to these little Christians, well we better have some answers.

And we better have them around Easter time, am I correct?

Me, I was lucky. Lil' Jimmmy Hill came from stout Mid-Western stock. Grammy Hill and Grampy Hill lived into their 80's. I was not close with my mother's kin. My childhood friends are still alive (best I know) and we never had a rabbit. And Stanley, my beloved hamster, died while I was away at confirmation camp. I can almost still convince myself that he's roaming the hills near my house, eating greens and growing fat, about to announce his return at any moment with his signature "Snibbet!" (my childhood word for Stanley's favorite sound.)

So the first death that his little fella learned about was that of My Savior, Jesus Christ.

How fortunate I was to have this example as a child. It seems that even before I could walk I knew all about:

His betrayal!

His unfair trial!

His persecution by his own people!

His suffering at the hands of the Romans!

His long walk up the hill!

His suffering on the Cross!

And His Ultimate Sacrifice!

I am one of the lucky ones. How many of us can say the same about the up-bringing of the Children entrusted into our care every Sunday?!

Let us take a moment at this time of Celebration to pray:

Lord, help us to correct the lack of teaching of the Children you have given us to watch over. Lord, guide us as we educate them about your teachings and about your suffering. Lord, give us the strength and wisdom that You alone embody perfectly, so that we might allow them to recognize the blood you shed for them! In Your Name, we pray.

This is our Easter wish. From all of us at Puppet2Puppet to all of you.

Remember it only takes a simple act.

Your friend in Christ,

Rev. Jim Hill

CHRISTMAS 2004 Message: "It's A Wonderful Time Of Year."


Many wonder:
"Does Santa blind the children to the real meaning of Christmas?"


Isn't it a Wonderful time of year?! We at P2P want to thank every single puppeteer, volunteer, Pastor-eer (is that a word?!) and every child we have ever performed for.

Why? To thank them for the best feeling in the world -- the feeling of celebrating Christmas with love in our hearts.

Some folks feel differently. Here is an article from a paper in Richmond, Virginia. The author seems to think that some of us Christians are a little loony.

Well, go ahead and call this old dog a loony case! Because Jim Hill wants to celebrate Christmas with his oldest and dearest friend (which would be Jesus Christ, the Son Of God and the King of Kings).

At least this author got one thing right: he loves "Satan's Tool", one of P2P's best Christmas puppet plays, written by Todd Puppet!

Read on and have a wonderful Christmas!

A Special Christmas gift from Jim Jr. (Carl): the P2P part is highlighted in seasonal green!

Megabits and pieces

By John Mitchell!

It's not that I believe in Santa, but I do enjoy the unique writing styles of those who think he is the center of all evil -- the sort of religious person who doesn't express what they're for so much as what they're against. And what these people are against is a big, fat guy in a big red suit.

"Santa Claus and Satan's Cause" ( ) doesn't beat around the bush -- right there at the top of the page says to "please note how Satan robs the Lord Jesus Christ of His glory by spreading the Santa Claus tradition." The page is a point-by-point list that adds up to one thing: "Santa is a COUNTERFEIT GOD." Author James L. Melton -- who expressed his view of Halloween by asking "The Lord Jesus Christ wouldn't dress innocent children up like the devils of Hell and march them around town, so why should you?" -- hopes to build a case that people are replacing Santa for Jesus through similarities. Apparently, Santa wearing a furry red suit and Jesus wearing clothes dipped in blood in Revelations qualifies as a "similarity," but I'm not sold on it.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries offers Santa Claus: The Great Imposter ( The idea here is that Santa is a vehicle to lead children into false idolatry. "Any church bus worker or youth worker knows young children are very receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ," they say, implying that the opposite is true as well. Of course it is -- children are receptive to giddy rotund guys delivering toys straight to their house. Like a holiday Roland Hand, Satan "is a master of disguise" and he disguises himself as Santa -- and also takes advantage of the Cabala practice of anagrams. I don't know, ask Madonna. So thorough is their case that they even make use of Adam Sandler as evidence.

An excerpt from the book "Spiritual Laws and Lessons of the Universe" ( submits that the real heinous part of the Santa Claus conspiracy is the complicity of the parents who willingly perpetuate such a dark evil in the lives of their own precious children. Indeed, the author, someone who calls himself "Sananda," proclaims that Santa's "perceived 'jolliness' and 'benevolence' is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM." And here I thought he was all hooched up or something.

Puppeteers are a generally happy, open-minded lot and they can always be counted on as the voice of reason in any situation. Puppet Resources ( offers a free puppet play from the Non-Denominational Puppet2Puppet called "Satan's Tool," wherein puppets Nemo and Belle realize the anagrammatical relationship between Santa and Satan. Eventually the mysterious character Bob Roth appears "out of nowhere" and explains that "Santa is okay in moderation." Take that, Sananda!

To get a feel for how fringe this thinking is, check out the Santa list on Googlism ( to see phrases culled from Google searches that reveal what people really think of Santa. Such queries as "santa is mounted on a wood plaque," "santa is safe for the police," and "santa is dressed in suede" outnumber any mentions of Santa being Satan by a long shot. From the looks of it, there are more of us fascinated by Santa's sense of fashion than his sense of evil.

As a 21st century holiday, Christians don't actually own Christmas anymore than the ancestors of the pilgrims own Thanksgiving. The funny thing about life and people is that anyone can literally do anything on any day for any reason and if they do it often enough, it becomes tradition. Then their kids do it and it becomes a family tradition. All the reactionary silliness in the world will not undo Santa Claus for the people who want to evoke him in their Christmas celebration, anymore than it will dispel Satan from the proceedings if someone somewhere wants to include him. (


There really is something for everyone at Christmas time!
OH WELL. At least he believes in Puppets!

Your friends at Puppet2Puppet!


I was looking for a picture of a Turkey
This will have to do.

 Take the Next Step! Edit Text

Isn't it great that God, in His eternal wisdom, made everyone different?  How boring would this world be if fish could fly and birds could swim (though it'd be kinda cool to see that! HA!).  We at P2P celebrate the diversity of God's creations, and their beliefs. 
We who call ourselves "Christians" are often seen as outside of the mainstream.  Perhaps we are a "counter-culture" like the Hippies of yester-year and folk like the "Goths" of today.
Well, mister, I'm happy to call myself a "weirdo" and a "misfit" as long as I can love my neighbor and turn the other cheek and just say "hey, pal, as long as you're okay, I'm okay."  (How's ol' Jim doing with the lingo of today?) 
If being "counter-culture" means I don't want to know how the people on CSI do their thing, that's okay by me.  If it means I don't want to be a part of the Law And Order show and spout legalize cuz I think it empowers me, well, call me an old fuzzy so-and-so who needs to lose some weight (You'd be right!) Ask Jim Jr. (Carl).
We offer this Thanksgiving prayer, "Lord, thank you for your bountiful gifts, and bless all those whom we love, and help us to love all those who you bless."
Your friends at Puppet2Puppet! 


And little me,

Jim Hill

Dear Friends,

As you may know, Puppet2Puppet Puppet Play Productions wrote and performed a puppet play entitled "Heaven Needs Firemen" in December of 2001 and again in February and April of 2002.  It allowed the children of our collective Sunday Schools a chance to come to grips with the horrifying events of September 11th.
A copy of the script was sent to a church near ground-zero, the Union Church of Lower Manhattan.  Their pastor wrote us, saying, "We have searched for a way to explain the events of that day to our children.  Thank you." among other things.
On the first anniversary of the terrible events of September 11th, two hundred churches joined us in performing the play to their congregations.  The response was overwhelming.
On the second anniversary of those terrible events, nearly two-thousand churches joined in.  The world over.
I'm sad to note that this coming month marks the 3rd anniversary of those sad and tragic days. 
If you feel that the children of your church could benefit from a special play that helps them to understand God's plan, and will help to allay their fears, well, I urge you to consider this play for your congregational plans on or near September 11th.
Especially all of you who have firemen in your congregations.  Let us continue to salute these Heroes!
Jesus did not "hang ten" or "ride the wild surf".  Or did He?
The bible tells us that Jesus took many risks to bring the Word to the people.  Should I give you the scripture?  I think you know it.
So, let's celebrate Summer, remembing our living Christ waxing his board in the cool light dawn, pressing out past the surf, acknowledging his fellow travellers, sizing up the crest the wave, setting himself on his board, committing to the wave, fighting and mastering it, and riding it in all the way to the shore.
Prepare to meet him there.   On the shore. 
He has prepared a boat to take us home.
I love Him so! 
Happy times await us in Heaven.  Your friend, Jim!
Jim Hill, Senior, father to me, Jim Hill, and Jim Jr (Carl)
With love and peace, I call you all Sinners. 
Let us never forget that we are Sinners until we reach that happy eternal life.  Then our Father can wash us again. 
Jim Jr and his puppet people, I give you this warning.  Stop bickering about the Constitution.  Turn your eyes to the real Word, the one Word.
Before we pass judgement, let us keep in mind that the Constitution is comparatively new next to The Book.  The Constitution is only some 200 years old.  It's a little child, and like all little children, it tends to make mistakes.
And remember this: Jesus loves the little children.  (Mark 10 14   "But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.")
Jesus loves our country and it is clearly written by God's hand. 
This does not mean that we, as friends of The Lord and defenders of His Word, can turn our backs on the sort of transgressions that you have so rightly decided to cry out against!
You are correct, All Of YOU!, the Consititution as it stands is not in line with the stated purpose of this country: "One Nation, UNDER GOD, Sir!"
You have unleashed my power and my power is in touch with God's stated power:
I'll bring up your good ideas and I'm sure a spirited discussion will follow. 
God Bless you and your ministry.  And thank you for this wonderful reminder of God's work in our world!
Stay away from that rope.  It's no way home.
Jim Hill, Sr.
This time of year is clearly the moment to stop and reflect.  Many of us will stop and reflect on our duty to the cross.  Many of us will stop and reflect upon our lives, and how we can better reflect His glory.
And many of us will ask questions.  Questions like: "Am I truly a living example of Christ's love?"
Or  "Do I inspire others in my daily life to follow His message of love?"
And some of you knuckleheads are surely asking:  "What's up with the All Aboard The Heaven Train motto?"  Trademark pending (kidding) Jim Hill!
Well, since you asked (and I hope you did!), I think my
answer will:
1) Help you to stop and reflect upon these questions!
2) Understand your old friend Jim and his son Jim Jr. (Carl).
I've always loved trains.  Since I was a kid.  I loved everything about them.  Their power, their speed, the way they took people from one place to another, to places a young Jim Hill couldn't even imagine. 
They were all my childish mind could dream about.
Until I met Jesus.
He sent me a dream.  I was a Conductor on a train.
Many years later, I had that dream again.  It was when I met my adoptive son, Jim Jr. (Carl) at our Puppet Outreach Program in Palm Springs. 
That night, I was given another dream.  This time I was the Conductor on a Train, but this time I knew the destination:  And it was Heaven, folks!
That was 12 years ago, and ever since I have happily cried out before every Puppet Play we have performed (to my growing son's growing embarrassment I'm sure):  "All Aboard The Heaven Train."
The Train I'm driving now is powered by Love and has only One Stop!  I may be the Conductor but the Track was layed a long time ago, and by a good Friend of mine.
So when you stop and reflect, when you ask those important questions this Easter season, why don't ask yourself one more question:
"Am I on the Heaven Train?"
All Aboard!
Always room for one more.   Happy Easter!
Jim Hill
It seems like everyone is talking about Rabbi Gibson's "Passions Of The Christ" this season.  (And if you'd like to read my thoughts, please see our "Rap With Jim" section.)
But, I thought I'd talk about something else.  About a good friend of mine who faced his own challenges.  Who carried his own cross.  Who had the devil mocking his every move.
And this friend, merely a boy, has the courage to stand up and shout: "I CAN WIN!"
In his own words:  "The devil would like nothing more than to see my life ruined...I Can Win, but only through the grace of God. "
With God's grace, and with our prayers, HE WON!  He was in the Garden, faced his worst fears, but he WON!  He faced his council, faced the mocking crowds, endured the lashes, carried his cross, and endured the ultimate test.
He won.  And so can we all.
Let Jesus example be a shining beacon for us all during this season of death and rebirth!
And enjoy the site!  Lots of new stuff!
These words are by Jim Hill, transcibed by his son, on 3/03/04.
I rarely take a moment these days to thank anyone but God, but I would like to take a moment to thank someone else. 
And that someone would be God!
Yes, God is wonderful and he does such good work.  He blessed me this, my 50th year, (whoops, cat's out of the bag) by bringing back my dear brother Tony Hill from the Gates of Hell.
Tony and I have traded places being the black sheep of the family; Me because of my views (we come from a secular family) and Tony because of all the trouble he got into.
But, God Bless us all, Tony Hill is once again with the Lord. 
It brings a tear to this old man's eye.
And if you'd like to know more about the most wonderful gift a man can get on his birthday, just check out my thoughts in "RAP WITH JIM!"
Thank you for indulging your friend Jim!  I love you all!
Call it an "obsession", call it a "calling", just don't call me "late to dinner!"
We are doing it, people, one puppet play at a time, we are re-claiming Children's souls.
Guess why?  Cuz' "Toot Toot" we're on the Heaven Train.
See the RAP WITH JIM section for more about this whole dingy!
Loving it!  Your brother in Christ,
IT'S 2004!  IT'S A NEW YEAR!
Yes sir ree bob! (and don't call me "Bob", the name is "Jim"!  "Reverend Hill" if you're nasty!)
Looks like we're off to a FUN start in 2004 already!
Our membership hit NEW LEVELS this year!  We're a part of SO MANY Children's Minstry's sites, you'd think Old Jim was crazy, until you checked our Puppet Ministry section and saw how many souls we've touched and touched us right back!
So what does 2004 hold?  Well, besides rebuilding the P2P Centre (already underway), how about this?  How about reaching out?  How about spreading the Word, Puppet2Puppet style?
How about climbing aboard that Heaven Train, firing up its mighty engine, throwing some heavy logs onto the fire, pulling on the cord, letting out a Jericho TOOT TOOT, shouting "Heaven Train comin' through!" and driving that sucker all the way to the Pearly Gates, picking up passenger after passenger along the way!

Don't that sound sweet!
As a friend wrote me recently "Keep on keeping on, brother Jim, and don't forget, the Lord saved the best for last!"
That's us, people.
This could be the year. 
Let all of us at P2P wish all of you a
Christmas greeting!
If we could wrap our arms around all of you, we would.  Thank you all for your love, generosity and warm wishes throughout this year of triumphs and disasters for the members of P2P.
Let us never forget:
"Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; and whoever receives me, recieves not me but him who sent me."
Mark 9:37
It remains our honor to serve the children who honor Him.
God Bless, Jim
Happy Thanksgivings!
We at P2P are thankful for all that we have been blessed with this season.  And continue to appreciate the love and support of our membership in this difficult time.
Please see the "Rap With Jim!" blog for some sad news about the P2P Centre in Mt. Baldy Village.
In California, it's Fire, Flood, Mud, and Earthquakes.  Well, here at P2P HDQ we have experienced 3 of the 4. 
And the 5th Horseman of course is Computer Problems.
Well, we've got a new computer.  Look to see a bunch more new pictures, plays and fun stuff here just after Thanksgiving!
And some important news about the fate of the P2P Centre.

"What's that you say?"  YPI!  "Are you a dog, or perhaps a cowboy?"
We are just proud as punch to announce a new program, it's a Youth Puppet Outreach program, and it's called "Young People, Indeed!"
Thus, YPI!
Written BY the KIDS, FOR the KIDS!  Young People, Indeed!
We have a bunch of new puppet plays on the VBS Experience, and we are calling on all members to contribute puppet plays written by the kids!
Our featured Author this month is Lilly.  Lilly is 13 years old and she and her friends wrote a wonderful play about Jesus' last hours of pain and triumph.  You can read it in the Puppet Plays part of this website.
Hey, sign the ledger!  Let us know you were here!
"All Aboard The Puppet Train" (including, YPI),
Jim Hill
For news on the nation-wide 9/11 remebrance ceremony, please check the latest Newsletter.

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