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Puppet2Puppet 2You Bulletin Board
Tuesday, 21 December 2004
Merry Christmas!
21 December 2004 04:41 EST | Posted by puppet2puppet
Merry Christmas!
God Bless all of our flock this wonderful Christmas Season!

Did you know that Puppet2Puppet has reached out and touched hundreds of thousands of children? Of course you did! You helped make it happen!

It's time for me, Jim Hill, to reach out and touch one kid. That's right, the one kid that has been entirely entrusted into my hands by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I speak, of course, of my adoptive son Jim Jr. (Carl).

He has been my rock and inspiration for the last 12 years as we have travelled this rocky road together.

Now it's time for us to literally "hit" the road. We're going on an over-due vacation. Hooking up with the old "PuppetPalooza" crowd and letting it all hang out.

I'll be in touch. Merry Christmas and so much love from Jim Sr. and Jim Jr. (Carl) as we travel the country spreading the P2P word.

I'll be thinking of you all on that special day.

God Bless, Jim Hill

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Posted by puppet2puppet at 1:47 AM PST
Monday, 22 November 2004

Please allow little ol' me to wax poetic, as the fella says, and bless the Power Above that has made them possible.

I am thankful for the Children that have been entrusted to me by You, Lord. May I lead them well, and help to guide them to the Promised Land.

I am thankful for the wonderful folk that have come into my life throught Your Grace. Their presense in my life enriches this path of Glory.

I am thankful for the many trials of life. Without them, I would not appreciate the glories that await me in Heaven.

I am thankful for the doubts that Satan, with your blessing Lord, puts in my head. Knowing that there is darkness helps me to celebrate the Light!

I am thankful for my son, Jim Jr. (Carl) without whom life would have no meaning (sort of like your Son, The King Of Kings.)

And MOST OF ALL, I am thankful that I am GIVEN THE GIFT that your Son, Jesus of Nazareth, brought to this world:


Thank you, Lord, and if I've embarrassed you with my praise, well, please remember David as he danced and danced for your Glory.

To all of my friends and loved ones: Please remember, I am thankful for each and every moment that I share with you on this temporal plane. I love you to death, and, hopefully, beyond!

I love you and I love you all so much! And if this embarrasses you all (my friends and my loved ones):

Well, SUE ME!

Lots of love and God's gift to one and all!

Jim Hill

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:56 AM PST
Sunday, 17 October 2004
Halloween Testimonals
Hi all!

I have been gratified by the e-mails we have received over the last 12 years from educators and children pastors, thanking us for our help in reaching out to the children in their congregations.

I hope that we have helped you to make an impact on these "little souls."

Of course, all gratitude goes to God!

If I am blessed to live another 12 years, I hope to someday hear the testimonals of those same children!

Which leads me to speak of my own hero, someone who helped me to find the Lord, besides Pastor Jim Hill (no relation), and that is Jack Chick.

Here are the testimonals that Jack gets daily:

"One day, many years ago, in high school, a girl in my geometry class handed me a copy of THIS IS YOUR LIFE..." -- G.M., Crown Point, IN

"In 1975 while on a naval ship for six months I was first introduced to Chick tracts. A faithful soul kept leaving them around the ship..." -- H., Internet

"Chick tracts made such a lasting impression on me that to this very day my mental picture of judgement day is that pictured in THIS IS YOUR LIFE..." -- K.L., Duncan, AZ

I would like to take this moment to add MY OWN TESTIMONIAL!

"As a child, Jack, I was confused and scared by the entire idea of Halloween. At the same time, all my friends enjoyed the holiday, and believe me you did not have to ask this boy twice to dress up in a scary witch costume. I would dress up, and wander the streets, but worried about my eternal salvation the entire time. One night, a good Christian neighbor handed me a little bag of goodies. I didn't even think twice until later, when my sweet-tooth was (somewhat) sated, I ripped open the baggie and found something special. It was a copy of "The Little Princess" and believe me, it changed my life. Thank you Jack, and keep on keeping on, brother. We're almost neighbors. I live in Riverside." -- J.H., Riverside

All of you are free to make up your own minds, but belive me, Satan Is Real.

Your friend, Jim

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:33 AM PDT
Wednesday, 16 June 2004

Note from Jim:
Some members of our puppet ministry community recently started a "string?" of comments about negative reviews on the internet and their impact. I thought I'd share those thoughts with you.

Jim Hill recently took part in a round-table discussion about the importance of ratings and comments on-line

Here are his comments

Neat discussion, Jennifer, Rachel and Jeff.

Boy oh boy, do I know what you guys are talking about. Since Puppet2Puppet is a collective and everyone is encouraged to share their scripts, I get a lot of questions and hurt feelings from our membership:

"Why did I get a 1 rating?! I really put a lot of work and love into that script!"

"Who is ------ ---- and why did he/she give my script a 3 and say such mean things? That script really reflects my faith and my understanding of God's love."

"What is going on, Jim? I'm hurt. That play is the one that kids want to see over and over at my church. And some **** says it's unusable because of...."

I do my best to comfort them. I was happy to read here that what I tell them is the same things that I'm hearing you guys talk about in this forum.

I say: "Maybe they don't understand the rating system", "Maybe they're having a bad day." "Maybe they express their love of Jesus in a different way."

I hope it helps them. I mean, they took a risk by putting something that they care about out there for others to read and judge. They risked embarassment and harsh criticism. I think that's hard for ANY writer, but harder yet when you're expressing your love for Christ and for children.

Sadly, what I really think is that we, as a Christian community, and as a community of Christians dedicated to helping children to love God and the world that he has created, I think that we concentrate more on our differences than what we agree about.

That's Jim Hill's two-cents. It's nice to be able to have a frank discussion about these things among my peers. Thank you Jennifer for starting this discussion. (BTW: that's a lovely name. If I were to have a baby girl tommorrow, I would name her Jennifer or Aimee.)

God Bless you all and the children who are fortunate enough to have such thoughtful guides in their lives.


Posted by puppet2puppet at 1:18 AM PDT
Wednesday, 3 March 2004

Well, yes, folks I did! Jim Hill said it and he said it in the nicest, most complimentary sort of way that Jim Hill says most things. (Aside from asking my son, Jim Jr (Carl)to take out the trash. I confess that I can get a little rude.)

Let me explain. Now only do I have the highest regard for our Jewish Friends, but I grew up with a close and personal Jewish Friend.

His name is Howard. (He's now converted and runs a wonderful ministry in Fullerton, and wrote a few of our better puppet plays on this site, notably, "The Cage" and "Goodbye, Lothar" but that's besides the point.) When we met we were both 17. He was the first Openly Jewish person I'd ever met. I was understandly upset about the role that his people played in crucifying my Lord.

Howard explained to me something that I've never forgotten. In his view, (and I apologize to Howard, for he is much more elequont than old Jim) the Jews were the only people that could have killed the Son of God.

Why? (you're asking, and boy, you can bet old 17-year-old Jim Hill sure was!)

Well, explained Howard, because they already had their covenant with God, through Abraham. They were already saved.

So when God cooked up this wonderful scheme to save all of Mankind, and sent his only Son to earth to accomplish this daunting task, He knew sadly that his son must shed his blood for the sake of all mankind. (I'm skipping all the biblical quotes here, because of course we all know it's true!)

And if anyone was going to be able to do this, to make sure that his Son would die, so that the plan could be completed, and that they themselves would not face eternal damnation for doing so...who could it be?

Only the Jews, who were already promised a place in Heaven.

And so I call Mel Gibson "Rabbi!"

Huh, Jim? Your mind-train jump the tracks?! It's possible sometimes, but not this time, because:

The highest form of compliment for one Jew to call another (Howard tells me) is to call him a Rabbi. It means that he is a wise and learned Jew.

And Mel Gibson is certainly that. He has "killed" our King again, this time on the silver screen, and he has done so in bright living color so that all the world can see.

And so I call him Rabbi Gibson.

That's old Jim's thoughts. With a lot of help from Howard. And plenty of help from Jim Jr. (Carl) who is writing all this down from my tapes.

God Bless you all, and remember:

"Let God take you where He takes you; and then you'll know you're there."

Jim Hill
(transcribed but not read)

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:15 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 3 March 2004 12:17 AM PST
Monday, 9 February 2004
The BEST Birthday Present Ever!


I guess the cat's out of the bag, that it is my birthday today. And a BIG Surprise for my birthday!

What a wonderful gift from the Lord to have my brother Tony write me such a play. Tony and I have traded places being the "black sheep of the family" for years, Tony for all the trouble he's gotten into, me for being who I am and loving Him (we come from a secular family). I've tried again and again to reach out, and, though this was a COMPLETE surprise, I did sense the Lord working in Tony's life.

Guess who the little scoundrel was in this caper? That's right, my adoptive son Jim Jr (Carl). He (I found out later) got a disk from Tony that afternoon after school, then posted it after I'd gone to bed. This morning, in what was probably really bad acting (not that this lunkhead noticed) he INSISTED that I go on line before work. Well, I did, and sure enough, I ended up checking out PuppetResources and wha-la!

You wouldn't believe the tears. That particular passage from Acts has always been a cornerstone of my Faith, and to find that it meant so much to my little brother (we're seperated in years by nearly 20) just...well words cannot say!

Sorry to yammer on! You are all such wonderful friends to put up with it!

Did you read his puppet play in our "Puppet Play" section? Did you see his picture? Do you see the family resemblance? Do you see the years of sin on his face? Do you see the love of Jesus in his eyes?

God Bless my brother Tony!

And God Bless you all!

Posted by puppet2puppet at 10:38 PM PST
Monday, 15 December 2003
To be Jolly? Not this year, not for this fat man.

"Wait, Jim, are you turning your back on Christmas?!"


"Oh wait, Jim, I get it, you're just fed up with the whole commercializiation of His birthday?"

No (well yes, but) NO!

I'm just trying to lose some weight, people!

Okay, REWIND: This all started when my adoptive son, Jim Jr. (Carl) sat me down and said, more or less, "Dad, with all that's going on, the loss of the P2P Centre in Baldy, the big move to get the puppet2puppet site online, the death of so many p2p members...maybe it's time to lose something else."

Well, guess what he was talking about: my girth.

He's right, my beloved adoptive son. So I took Jim Jr (Carl)'s advice and I'm on that new fad diet, WWJE. And I have to say, the pounds are melting, well not melting, but slowly melting off.

Interested? What Would Jesus Eat:

In any effect, accept my apologies for a short entry. Blame it on my growling (and hopefully shrinking) tummy. And blame it on my 'helpful' son! I do! Daily! Hourly!

Merry Christmas everyone and don't forget to love the children in your lives! They are the future!

Jim Hill

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:39 AM PST
Tuesday, 2 December 2003
Happy Thanksgiving from California!
We sure thanked God for our feast this season. After returning from our trip, Jim Jr. (Carl) and I found that we were in for the ride of our lives.

And we'd just covered over 3200 miles!

Seems the fires here in California really socked it to our California members. No one lost a home (THANK YOU LORD!) but there was enough evacuation and clean-up to go around.

The only casuality was the new P2P Centre.

I'm sorry to report that the New Institute Of Puppet Play Productions (the P2P Centre) is beyond repair. We were finally able to access the damage, and it is basically burnt to the ground, along with most of the other homes and building north of Mt. Baldy Village.

For all of you who put your backbones into building this centre, who believed it what we were trying to do there, who valued it as a meeting ground of Faith, and a testing ground for Puppet Plays -- we thank you.

Believe it or not, we'll be back. I know that this dream is too strong to die.

Thank you for your kind prayers.


Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:02 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 2 December 2003 12:51 AM PST
Sunday, 14 September 2003
It's coming! In October!

"Won't be long now..."

My son's words. He's not talking about his birthday. He's not talking about Prom Night. He's not even talking about the Apocalypse and the Rapture and Jesus Christ's immenent return. No really, he's not!

He's talking about our yearly road-trip!

That's right, every second Sunday in October, come rain, shine or Act Of God, we hit the open road. For 2 weeks it's just Jim Hill Sr., that'd be me, and my beloved adoptive son, Jim Jr. (Carl).

This little break helps us to rejoice in the Lord and to appreciate better what He has given us. Since we live in Sunny California (Riverside, home of last year's Survivor, Deena!), we seek to find Christian fellowship in different parts of the country.

This year's itinerary:

Puppet Outreach in Palm Springs (always a joy, because this is how Jim Jr. (Carl) came into my life).

A visit to our Northern Cal! friends in San Francisco with the inevitable antiqueing and trip to the Golden Gate bridge, such a thrill!

A few long, long days of driving through Nevada (quickly) and with stops in Idaho (Puppet Festival 2003 and our friend "Jimbo and I"), dropping down to Iowa to visit Johnny Puppet and meet his new son (named Jim, I am proud to report!), back up to a little church in South Dakota with a new Children's Pastor and a cry for help! help! help! puppet2puppet-style (glad to be of service, Jerry) and finally...

South Bend, Indiana. Our decidedly non-Catholic friend, Julian and his wife, will be hosting a performance of "Jiminy Cricket Was No Fool" and ALL FOUR PARTS OF THE HELLTOWN SERIES!

Then we fly like God's angels back for California, with a quick stop in Denver to make sure Jim Jr. (Carl)'s birth-mother is still getting her government money.

What a trip! I'm exhausted already!

But fear not, as usual, the trusted Tim Puppet will take up the slack and keep you up-to-date on the big changes, and, I'm sure, our progress on our little trip!

Love to Him! Love to you!

Jim and Jim Jr. (Carl)

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:42 AM PDT
Sunday, 10 August 2003
WWW.elcome to our WWW.ebsite!
Puppet2Puppet enters the 21st Century!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mark Puppet and Jim Jr. (Carl), P2P has its own web-page!

More coming, God willing!

And plenty more of my yammering, I'm afraid...


Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:26 AM PDT

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