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Puppet2Puppet 2You Bulletin Board
Sunday, 14 September 2003
It's coming! In October!

"Won't be long now..."

My son's words. He's not talking about his birthday. He's not talking about Prom Night. He's not even talking about the Apocalypse and the Rapture and Jesus Christ's immenent return. No really, he's not!

He's talking about our yearly road-trip!

That's right, every second Sunday in October, come rain, shine or Act Of God, we hit the open road. For 2 weeks it's just Jim Hill Sr., that'd be me, and my beloved adoptive son, Jim Jr. (Carl).

This little break helps us to rejoice in the Lord and to appreciate better what He has given us. Since we live in Sunny California (Riverside, home of last year's Survivor, Deena!), we seek to find Christian fellowship in different parts of the country.

This year's itinerary:

Puppet Outreach in Palm Springs (always a joy, because this is how Jim Jr. (Carl) came into my life).

A visit to our Northern Cal! friends in San Francisco with the inevitable antiqueing and trip to the Golden Gate bridge, such a thrill!

A few long, long days of driving through Nevada (quickly) and with stops in Idaho (Puppet Festival 2003 and our friend "Jimbo and I"), dropping down to Iowa to visit Johnny Puppet and meet his new son (named Jim, I am proud to report!), back up to a little church in South Dakota with a new Children's Pastor and a cry for help! help! help! puppet2puppet-style (glad to be of service, Jerry) and finally...

South Bend, Indiana. Our decidedly non-Catholic friend, Julian and his wife, will be hosting a performance of "Jiminy Cricket Was No Fool" and ALL FOUR PARTS OF THE HELLTOWN SERIES!

Then we fly like God's angels back for California, with a quick stop in Denver to make sure Jim Jr. (Carl)'s birth-mother is still getting her government money.

What a trip! I'm exhausted already!

But fear not, as usual, the trusted Tim Puppet will take up the slack and keep you up-to-date on the big changes, and, I'm sure, our progress on our little trip!

Love to Him! Love to you!

Jim and Jim Jr. (Carl)

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:42 AM PDT

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