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Puppet2Puppet 2You Bulletin Board
Sunday, 17 October 2004
Halloween Testimonals
Hi all!

I have been gratified by the e-mails we have received over the last 12 years from educators and children pastors, thanking us for our help in reaching out to the children in their congregations.

I hope that we have helped you to make an impact on these "little souls."

Of course, all gratitude goes to God!

If I am blessed to live another 12 years, I hope to someday hear the testimonals of those same children!

Which leads me to speak of my own hero, someone who helped me to find the Lord, besides Pastor Jim Hill (no relation), and that is Jack Chick.

Here are the testimonals that Jack gets daily:

"One day, many years ago, in high school, a girl in my geometry class handed me a copy of THIS IS YOUR LIFE..." -- G.M., Crown Point, IN

"In 1975 while on a naval ship for six months I was first introduced to Chick tracts. A faithful soul kept leaving them around the ship..." -- H., Internet

"Chick tracts made such a lasting impression on me that to this very day my mental picture of judgement day is that pictured in THIS IS YOUR LIFE..." -- K.L., Duncan, AZ

I would like to take this moment to add MY OWN TESTIMONIAL!

"As a child, Jack, I was confused and scared by the entire idea of Halloween. At the same time, all my friends enjoyed the holiday, and believe me you did not have to ask this boy twice to dress up in a scary witch costume. I would dress up, and wander the streets, but worried about my eternal salvation the entire time. One night, a good Christian neighbor handed me a little bag of goodies. I didn't even think twice until later, when my sweet-tooth was (somewhat) sated, I ripped open the baggie and found something special. It was a copy of "The Little Princess" and believe me, it changed my life. Thank you Jack, and keep on keeping on, brother. We're almost neighbors. I live in Riverside." -- J.H., Riverside

All of you are free to make up your own minds, but belive me, Satan Is Real.

Your friend, Jim

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:33 AM PDT

Friday, 5 November 2004 - 11:32 AM PST

Name: Noah Korda
Home Page:

I have noticed that you removed my comment that I have posted to this board. This tells me that you have read my original comment. If you do not remove this photo from your website, I will be forced to make the next legal step. I hope that I dont have to do this.

Here is the orginal post that you removed.

To whom it my concern,

Hello this is the organizer and creator of Bats Day in the fun Park. I was just informed of your web site and that there is a photo of my event that is on your site.

First of all I would please like for you to cease and desist all use of Bats Day in the Fun Park photos on your site. The legal on my web site states:

?The names Bats Day in the Fun Park, Batsday, BatzDay, and Bats Day, the logo, and all related characters and elements are the trademarks of Inspired Illusions (c) 1999 - 2004. All material and artwork on this page and all linked pages belonging to Inspired Illusions are copyright protected. The pictures displayed on this page are for your personal enjoyment only. No permission is granted and, in fact, it is strictly forbidden to make use of this material, in whole or in part, for any purpose without obtaining written permission. Violators are subject to legal action. Individuals are allowed to download and/or print photos for their own private use. This site is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. Click here to enter the Bats Day in the Fun Park site.?

You have violated these terms by 1. Not obtaining writing permission from me to use this photo, and 2. You are not any of the Individuals that are in this photo, using this photo for your private use.

Bats Day in the Fun Park is a group that does not discriminate any religion, race, creed, or what they might believe in.

You are not an authorized repersentive of Bats Day in the Fun Park.

Please remove and stop all use of my event photos or I will have to take the next legal step.

Thank you for your understanding.

Noah Korda
Bats Day in the Fun Park

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