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Puppet2Puppet 2You Bulletin Board
Wednesday, 3 March 2004

Well, yes, folks I did! Jim Hill said it and he said it in the nicest, most complimentary sort of way that Jim Hill says most things. (Aside from asking my son, Jim Jr (Carl)to take out the trash. I confess that I can get a little rude.)

Let me explain. Now only do I have the highest regard for our Jewish Friends, but I grew up with a close and personal Jewish Friend.

His name is Howard. (He's now converted and runs a wonderful ministry in Fullerton, and wrote a few of our better puppet plays on this site, notably, "The Cage" and "Goodbye, Lothar" but that's besides the point.) When we met we were both 17. He was the first Openly Jewish person I'd ever met. I was understandly upset about the role that his people played in crucifying my Lord.

Howard explained to me something that I've never forgotten. In his view, (and I apologize to Howard, for he is much more elequont than old Jim) the Jews were the only people that could have killed the Son of God.

Why? (you're asking, and boy, you can bet old 17-year-old Jim Hill sure was!)

Well, explained Howard, because they already had their covenant with God, through Abraham. They were already saved.

So when God cooked up this wonderful scheme to save all of Mankind, and sent his only Son to earth to accomplish this daunting task, He knew sadly that his son must shed his blood for the sake of all mankind. (I'm skipping all the biblical quotes here, because of course we all know it's true!)

And if anyone was going to be able to do this, to make sure that his Son would die, so that the plan could be completed, and that they themselves would not face eternal damnation for doing so...who could it be?

Only the Jews, who were already promised a place in Heaven.

And so I call Mel Gibson "Rabbi!"

Huh, Jim? Your mind-train jump the tracks?! It's possible sometimes, but not this time, because:

The highest form of compliment for one Jew to call another (Howard tells me) is to call him a Rabbi. It means that he is a wise and learned Jew.

And Mel Gibson is certainly that. He has "killed" our King again, this time on the silver screen, and he has done so in bright living color so that all the world can see.

And so I call him Rabbi Gibson.

That's old Jim's thoughts. With a lot of help from Howard. And plenty of help from Jim Jr. (Carl) who is writing all this down from my tapes.

God Bless you all, and remember:

"Let God take you where He takes you; and then you'll know you're there."

Jim Hill
(transcribed but not read)

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:15 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 3 March 2004 12:17 AM PST

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