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Puppet2Puppet 2You Bulletin Board
Monday, 15 December 2003
To be Jolly? Not this year, not for this fat man.

"Wait, Jim, are you turning your back on Christmas?!"


"Oh wait, Jim, I get it, you're just fed up with the whole commercializiation of His birthday?"

No (well yes, but) NO!

I'm just trying to lose some weight, people!

Okay, REWIND: This all started when my adoptive son, Jim Jr. (Carl) sat me down and said, more or less, "Dad, with all that's going on, the loss of the P2P Centre in Baldy, the big move to get the puppet2puppet site online, the death of so many p2p members...maybe it's time to lose something else."

Well, guess what he was talking about: my girth.

He's right, my beloved adoptive son. So I took Jim Jr (Carl)'s advice and I'm on that new fad diet, WWJE. And I have to say, the pounds are melting, well not melting, but slowly melting off.

Interested? What Would Jesus Eat:

In any effect, accept my apologies for a short entry. Blame it on my growling (and hopefully shrinking) tummy. And blame it on my 'helpful' son! I do! Daily! Hourly!

Merry Christmas everyone and don't forget to love the children in your lives! They are the future!

Jim Hill

Posted by puppet2puppet at 12:39 AM PST

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